What happens to food put down the garbage disposal?

This is something I have been curious about for ages — if there is something unsustainable about putting food down the garbage disposal. It seems like a perfect thing to do. However, where does it go? Are there foods that could ultimately be unfriendly to wherever they end up? Are there rules to follow so I can be confident about using this tool? And…I live in an apartment with no land at all, so I have no garden to put my scraps, so that is why I am not composting. Thanks!


Debra Lynn Dadd "Queen of Green"

Debra Lynn Dadd "Queen of Green"

EXPERT ANSWER: The waste from your garbage disposal goes down the drain, through the sewer system to the water treatment plant, along with all the other waste you put down the drain in your house. All the sewer pipes–in Pinellas County, at least–go to the water treatment plant. None go into the Gulf or any other natural bodies of water.

PInellas Country offers a list of do’s and dont’s for keeping your pipes and the sewers flowing, including not putting toxic chemicals down the drain. That includes a lot of chemical cleaning products, so that’s another reason to go green with cleaning products. The tips are at http://www.pinellascounty.org/utilities/sewer-safety.htm. 

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